Explain More About Human Rights in the Preamble of the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement constituted a milestone in the integration of human rights and environmental policies as it is the first international environmental agreement to define explicitly the respect for human rights as a cross-cutting principle for all climate actions. Yet the agreement failed to articulate how this integration should be promoted. In this context, the decisions to be adopted at the COP-22 in Marrakesh should ensure that human rights obligations are effectively reflected in order to promote their integration in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Parties should take steps to ensure that the rights of groups disproportionately impacted by climate change are respected and promoted in the context of climate change and climate action, including the rights of women, indigenous peoples, local communities, migrants, children and youth, persons with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations. These actions might involve the exchange of relevant expertise and specific actions aimed at protecting these rights.  The NDCs constitute the keys to the implementation of domestic actions under the Paris Agreement. Ensuring that these commitments duly integrate human rights and other cross-cutting principles and obligations defined in the Agreement is therefore critical. 








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