Message By His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew To the UNFCCC COP22 Session Marrakech 

"In some ways...we have come a long way. Yet, in many ways, we have made little progress. We certainly have not held our nations accountable to resolutions reached or for violations incurred. For twenty-two years...the world’s leading authorities and politicians have fundamentally agreed on the problems of global climate change and have held endless consultations and high-level conversations on something that requires practical measures and tangible action. Twenty-two years, however, is an unacceptably long period to respond to the environmental crisis, especially when we are conscious of its intimate and inseparable connections to global poverty, migration and unrest. Twenty-two years, moreover, is an unjustifiably interminable period to tackle the expansion of fossil fuels, when scientists inform us we have less than two decades not simply to reduce but in fact to replace them with renewable energy...What price are we prepared to pay for profit? Or how many lives are we willing to sacrifice for material or financial gain? And at what cost would we forfeit or forestall the survival of God’s creation? It is our humble, yet bold prayer that all parties at the COP22 will recognize and respond to the high stakes involved in climate change. One way would be to implement the COP21 agreement of Paris without further delay." Message By His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew To the UNFCCC COP22 Session Marrakech, Morocco, November 7-18, 2016

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